MAN#02: Is Marketing Automation needed?

– by Husain Bohra
– by Husain Bohra

From the title, you know what I am going to talk here.

We, as humans, are bound to do productive. Without which, none of us can grow, develop and set our expectations.

And to be productive, you need to finish your daily tasks as soon as possible in order to give time to the new incoming values.

And that’s where many lacks.

(By these “daily tasks”, I mean to focus on things you do online to gain monetary benefits, like Online business, Digital Freelancing, Online Sales, etc.)

If your productivity lies only in those daily tasks, you will not be able to grow.

And that’s because, you are there, in your space, not exploring anything new.

That’s where you see your growth being paused, revenue coming down, and profit going low day by day.

You might remain comfortable doing the regular things, might be earning a decent value, and may be happy with it.

But, if you see some time down the line, like say after 5 years, things change.

The old ways get better and easier.

New techniques get introduced.

Many iterations are seen.

And that’s why your productivity should be increased.

For these ‘simple but important’ reasons, you need to grasp new abilities and also keep running with your ongoing techniques.

But again, you cannot do both simultaneously every day, as these tasks require time.

And “MARKETING AUTOMATION” gives you that time.

You Automate your tasks, leave them on auto-pilot and enjoy learning and increasing your productivity.

Well, there are more things than just learning and growth, but I took this aspect so to make you clear about why you need Marketing Automation in terms of your earnings and Revenue creation.

So, are you willing to start with Marketing Automation?