MAN#01: The world is getting automatic, so why shouldn’t we?

– by Husain Bohra
– by Husain Bohra

How many things you see around today are automatic?

Well, most of them, right?

From your TV to your CAR,

From your Mobile to Your Machines!!

And as we see the world is turning toward automation, why shouldn’t we, as marketers, should turn our businesses and tasks on Automation?

And that is what I saw.

This newsletter series will be on topics related to Marketing and how you can set them into Automation.

“But, how does this help Husain?”

In simple words, it saves you time.

Doing things manually would always take time.

Next, it saves errors.

C’mon, we are humans and errors can be made by us quite easily.

Automating tasks can avoid such errors.

Further, it saves you money.

Spending on an Automation tool is much more cost-effective than having someone complete the same tasks.

Because, the tool comes with not just one type of task, but many. And again, the chances of errors are high when a human is operating.

Furthermore, it helps you always remain on schedule.

Time is Money, and losing your time for such daily tasks can affect your growth.

So, adopting Automation for your daily Marketing schedule can help you in developing a great life with ease and moreover a great business to flourish.