MAN #09: CRM vs Marketing Automation

– by Husain Bohra
– by Husain Bohra

Do you also get confused between CRM and Marketing Automation? 🤔

Well, I also used to get confused.

And that’s why, in this email, I want to clarify the difference and similarities between CRM and Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation is the process of bringing new prospects or potential audiences inside your system to make them understand your services/products and tell them how it can help them.

Whereas, CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software helps you accumulate data of your customers who have already bought from you and you manage the data to re-engage or retain them.

Marketing automation focuses on raw leads, targeting people early in the sales and marketing funnel.

— Your lead may have simply visited a website, clicked a link or filled out a form, for example. It helps gather data at this early stage for targeted marketing and automates many of the marketing tasks themselves.

CRM is generally focused on sales.

— It manages interactions with customers at lower down the sales funnel to facilitate conversions. It also handles existing customers and tracks their engagement.

Now, using both Marketing Automation and CRM together can do wonders for you.

Used together, CRM and marketing automation software are powerful tools, helping you gain and nurture leads, facilitate sales and maintain brand loyalty.

What do they have in common?

— Well, they both help you in giving your customer a full-fledged experience by providing them an amazing customer journey.

Don’t know about customer journey?

I’ll tell you next Saturday. Remain tuned.