MAN #08: Automate your Facebook Ads

– by Husain Bohra
– by Husain Bohra

So, want to learn how to automate your Facebook Ads?

Let me tell you then!

Tighten your seat belts,

As we are ready to fly into the world of automation 🚀🚀

So, Facebook Ads give you the re-targeting option, right?

You have to learn to use it wisely.

Re-targeting is done to basically connect with those potential people who have shown interest in your ads.

And this re-targeting factor helps you in automating your Facebook ads.

Let’s assume, you run a Video Ad Campaign on Facebook to target your potential audience to buy your product.

In this video, you brief about your product’s quality, benefits, etc.

Now, here’s the catch! 💹

You have to set a Custom Audience here.

And you need to set a trigger here.

Whenever any of the viewers watch 50% or more of your video ad, he/she should be added to the custom audience.

Easy to understand? If you, didn’t get this, read it once more.

Here, you need to set up a new campaign which could be a video.

And now, in this video, you can show the product’s manufacturing.

This ad should be visible to only those who have entered the custom audience section we have set above.

Again, you can create another custom audience segment and catch those viewers who have seen this particular video to 50% or more.

And you can repeat this process several times.

🤔 How will this help you?

#1: Your audience who is seeing your ad won’t get bored or frustrated after seeing the same ad every time.

#2: You can easily differentiate between the audience’s cold, warm and hot categories.

#3: This will make your selling process easier.

#4: You will only get those people in the end who are genuinely looking to buy your product.

#5: Your audience will be on a journey where they will witness different things related to your product before buying it.

Was this something new for you?

Well, using this method you can increase your sales up to 50% more than usual.

Facebook Ads can help you get great success with marketing if you use them right. And when automation is added, it becomes magic.