MAN #04: Personalization with Marketing Automation

– by Husain Bohra
– by Husain Bohra

What if you talk with your father like your friend?๐Ÿ˜…

Well, you won’t be able to speak the next moment you realize your father is angry.๐Ÿ˜‚

OK. Can you similarly talk with your family as you talk with your best friend?

You will see your family’s eyes bigger and full of anger, right?๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

The thing is, you have to address different types of people using different ways, i.e. those ways in which they admire you and hear you.

You can’t talk, or do anything with all people and expect them to understand you.

A similar thing applies in Marketing.

For one type of service or product you are offering, you have different kinds of customers.

And each type of customer should be addressed accordingly to his/her needs and requirements.

For example,

Let’s say I sell vacuum cleaners. And I go door-to-door to sell.

Now, when I rang the bell at a door, an old lady came to me, and since I want to sell the vacuum cleaner, I went ahead pitching here about the benefits of the same.

I will let her know that how this vacuum cleaner can help her not to use broom and clean the house without getting bent and how this will help her in not exaggerating much in her old age.

Now, if I visit another door and some young couple were their, I would not pitch in the same way. I will tell them the benefits inside the vacuum cleaner like it helps to clean even in the smaller areas where you hands or broom can’t go. It also has 3-year warranty which makes them eligible to repair their vacuum at no cost if incase the vacuum gets any issue.

Why I did change my pitch?

You know the answer.

The young couple won’t get convinced by the pitch I made to the old lady.

This is what we call Personalization.

And this is very useful in Marketing whether Offline or Online.

Personalization not only depends on describing your service/product based on the need.

Whenever your customer hears from you, it should feel personal to him/her. It should not make him/her feel you are just being salesy and may not feel connected with you or your product.

Personalization is the difference between your customers feeling like you are speaking directly to them versus feeling like just a number.

Now, when you get into Digital Marketing and you go ahead and deliver things digitally, personalization becomes difficult to maintain.

You cannot just sit and send everyone a different message, which will surely take a huge amount of time. And that’s where Marketing Automation can help you.

Marketing Automation gives you the ability to personalize your messages, emails, text and whatnot when you are sending them to your customers in one go.

This helps you to reach each customer you have and that too with a message that they will feel is only made for them.

But again, personalization requires a good amount of data to be accumulated before you can personalize the message.

And that can be done by frequently connecting with the customers and understanding their goals which they want to achieve that your product/service can make them achieve.

Here again, you will need Marketing Automation to do the work.

I hope this email helped you understand the importance of Personalization and Marketing Automation can help you personalize.