MAN #03: Email Marketing Automation & the Power it Generates

– by Husain Bohra
– by Husain Bohra

If you are into the Digital Marketing space, you have definitely heard of Email Marketing.

And c’mon, we are all receiving such marketing email almost daily in our mail box.

So, I am not going to discuss on what Email Marketing is, or how it works.

That you will get everywhere on the Internet.

But, I am going to show you something different than that.

But before going to that,

What type of emails do we receive or send on daily basis?

  • You start receiving emails as soon as you bought some product online, till it gets delivered to you, with complete updates of the product shipping.
  • You receive offer emails from many organizations that run offer during a particular season or festival.
  • You receive business emails from your organization you are working for.
  • You apply for various job roles through emails.

Emails have become an important asset of our daily lives.

In fact, you are receiving this newsletter through email.

Emails have a more strategic importance than what is considered.

Unlike Social Media posts, emails are designed in a way that it reaches directly to the person you want the email to receive.

And that’s make it a way to directly connect with the one you want to, just like chatting.

And that’s why in Marketing, emails were started for marketing activities.

But now, things have changed.

Email Marketing is going more towards spamming.

And that’s where subscription-based Email Marketing came into existence.

Now, emails are known for their great power which is being used in this decade.


“What is that Husain?”

Email Marketing Automation is nothing but the sequence of emails set and sent to the subscribers on regular intervals according to the actions they take on your platforms.

It plays an important role in setting up any Marketing Automation setup as it helps you to notify, educate, connect, and whatnot, with your customers, leads, etc.

Majorly, it provides you with that direct access to your subscribers, so that you can always connect with them and share what you have right now.

“How can this help me Husain?”

Well, there are many ways to take benefit from this.

But, I’ll tell you the most important ones.

With Email Marketing Automation, you can remain in regular touch with your subscribers, customers, leads, etc., by sending them emails at some intervals of time and can create sales on a consistent basis.

The second best benefit is that according to their response to your emails, you can easily score and qualify your subscribers and sent them emails accordingly to attract better.

For example,

You sent 10 automated emails to 5 different subscribers and saw that 3 of them opened all the emails and 2 opened only 5.

So, this helped you to understand that those who opened all of your emails are more interested in your emails and are likely to buy from you if you send an offer in the very next email.

But, for those left 2 people, you need better emails and strategies to create the interest-state in them.

So, I believe that this email might have helped you understand the importance of Emails and Email Marketing Automation.