Why Website For A Business?

Business Website

Why you should have a Business Website?

Are You the One Who Wants to Bring his/her Business Online?

Were you finding how to establish your Business Online?

Are you finding some easy and free options?

I want to just tell you that you are on the wrong path.

Ohh!!! So now you want the reason.

That’s here……

For establishing your business online, you should have a very basic thing.

And that is nothing, but A Website!!!!

Yes, A Website.

What's Inside:

  1. Why did I call a Website a Basic Thing?
  2. Approach with Your Existence
  3. Show People That You are Here
  4. Conclusion

Why did I call Website a Basic Thing?

See, You and I, both know that there are plenty of services available for free.

Almost, every social media platform provides you with tools to build your page on their platform, bring traffic to it, and promote and sell your services/products.

And in the starting phase, these social media platforms will also make your reach better.

But, as time passes, your reach will slowly decrease. Your posts and updates won’t even reach half of your followers on that platform.

That’s because there are many others like you who are approaching and making the availability of their products and services on the social media platform. And all want the same access as you want from the platform.

And the main point: You cannot complain about that to the respective platform.

Because the followers of your page are users of their platform. So, it’s their wish on how they want their users to interact.

It is the same as you are not having your own shop, and you are displaying your products in some other person’s store and that too without giving any benefit to him/her.

At the start, he/she could help you in running your business. But, after a time, he/she would demand you for some percentage of the profit. And if you don’t provide that, the person would not take much interest in displaying your products. And eventually, your sale will go down. He/she would be interested in those people’s products, who are also giving a share of their profits.

You must have understood the concept which I am making you understand.

And this is exactly how social media works.

So now, what you can do?

See, there are two options and both are correct in their place.

And if you ask my perspective, I would ask you to do both, but in defined steps and proper manner.

I will explain it to you.

Approach With Your Existence

I gave you an example above of how displaying your products in other’s stores could bring issues for you.

So, what you could do?

You could have your own shop with your products displayed.

This will make you show your existence to the World. And with that, you can have your own customers who will get connected to you through this shop.

And with this, you can have a complete reach to your own customers. No one will limit your reach to your customers.

The Same strategy is available on the Internet.

So, your shop will be – Your Business Website.

Yaa, you have read it correctly.

A Website will be like your own shop. Anyone could visit it, choose from the products, and buy.

It will be your own property.

It will be all your choice what to do on your website and what to not.

Now, the next Big Question, How people will get to know about your Website?

Show People that You are Here

For showing the presence of your Business Website, you have to follow the same old strategy but with a new style.

The strategy is: Advertisements

The New Way is: Advertisements through Digital Marketing

Two Questions arose here: WHY? and HOW?


Advertisements have always made customers approach new products/services and learn about them.

And now, since we have our platform online for our business, so we should approach people online rather than through old means of Newspapers and TV Ads.

And when you are providing ads online, there exists a link connected with the ad, which is clickable.

This link will directly bring the viewer to your website’s relatable page whose link has been provided in the ad.

So, it’s not just an advertisement but an end-to-end conversion possibility creator.


Just a simple answer to this.

Use Social Media Platforms for Ads.

There are plenty of platforms available.

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. etc.

Each search engine and social media platform provides the service of displaying ads.

Each of them has their own algorithms and working.

These platforms will make your ads reach those whom you want. You can handle how to show, whom to show, and where to show. It completely gives you the authority of how to set up the ads.

It is the same as a newspaper or a TV ad. The only difference here is that you have control over how much to spend on ads and the one discussed above.

Other than this:

You can start an affiliation program for your products/services.

You can give a part of your profit to those who promote your product online and bring you customers.

Affiliation Program will create your product awareness all over the Internet and will make people gain trust in you.

This will increase your brand popularity and will make people know about your brand also.

To Conclude

So, in this article, I just gave an overview of why you need a business website.

My motive was to make you understand that if you are planning to bring your services/products on the Web, then you should start with a website.

But, just for having a self-owned website, there is a need for a domain and a hosting service provider.

There are also a lot of things that should be done after you have created the website, but it is beyond the scope of this article.

In the upcoming articles, I will discuss each of them in detail.

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Till then,

With cheers for your better tomorrow,