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Interested in Digital Marketing?

Hii!!! Welcome to this Website and Blog.

This post is just an informational post providing you the main motto of this website and why this website or blog is important to me.


A little About Me and this Blog

To start with an Introduction about me, the admin of this blog, My name is Husain. I am a Computer Technology Engineer by profession.

I was in the 3rd year of my graduation when I learned about Digital Marketing. This term was not much in trend at that moment but I found this to be very interesting by connecting the future with it.

While searching for possibilities of how I can achieve things from Digital Marketing, I found that many businesses can grow better if they bring themselves online, manage their customers online, and can bring new achievements for them.

This made me more curious.

Now I wanted to do something which can make people curious about Digital Marketing also and make their business grew with this.

But my experience and learnings in the field of Digital Marketing were very less as compared to what I needed.

So, I started finding the best courses for learning Digital Marketing. My search stopped when I found out about an internship that promised me to provide all the things which I wanted. That was the Digital Deepak Internship Program.

My motto was clear and with this motto, I took my step forward and enrolled myself in the program.

Slowly slowly, as I moved forward with the Internship, I found myself growing towards a better human being as a result. It didn’t only start making me a good Digital Marketer, but also a more daring, risk-taking, and great thinking person.

And, with this internship only, I started this website.

My motto for starting this website was just to provide knowledge to you and other readers about Digital Marketing and how it can make businesses grow.


Why Digital Marketing for Business?

I have a clear view of how Digital Marketing can change the way markets work and people’s minds.

Social Media, Search Engines, etc. have influenced people so much today that people have forgotten about the old traditions of finding something.

They will just pick up their mobiles, open Google, and type for the thing they need. No one today, whether it’s you or me, would go to the market for finding our requirements.

This phase is growing in a very effective way for businesses.


What is the Need?

We both have seen that in the year 2020, COVID-19 has affected almost every business. People have suffered a lot just because things were not on a virtual platform.

Those who had a virtual platform took the benefit of this situation. They earned huge profits while just sitting at home and providing services to people without even meeting them.

What people care about is how better a service is available to them, and with how much comfort.

They don’t want to get up and find the best for them.

They just want their mobile or laptop or desktop should provide them the best. And for this, they are ready to pay any price.


My Recent Example

I just want to share a thing that happened to me a few months back.

COVID-19 was going on. Lockdown was imposed all over India. My last year’s final exams were on hold and no one had the idea that when it would be taken.

I was sitting ideal one day and was thinking of what to do now as everything connected to my career was on hold.

I thought of learning a new skill. Now, since I was interested in Digital Marketing, I started to find courses regarding Digital Marketing. After searching for some 2-3 days, I was not able to find any better course which I thought will be useful.

So, I shut my laptop and started using Instagram. While scrolling through memes and some other stuff, I came to an advertisement. This advertisement was on “Python for Digital Marketers” from Medialytics Ninja.

I found that interesting and clicked on it. I was then taken to a page where more information was given. Being completely satisfied with their course, I bought it without any second thought.

So in this way, by putting a simple advertisement, they captured me and made their customer without any effort. Like me, there must be many others who must have bought that course or any other course from them.


What’s Next?

Digital Marketing is not as simple as it looks.

You can’t be successful in Digital Marketing just by putting ads and increasing followers on social media.

There is a lot more to do.

Digital Marketing needs a lot of practice and experience because you learn every day in Digital Marketing.

So? Interested in DM?

I would be sharing more about it here.

So, Remain Connected.