Swipe Pages Review – Worth Buying or not?


The importance of a Landing Page can be very well understood if you are a marketer.

From generating leads for your e-mail list, running a campaign, asking for reviews, announcing a new product to selling a product, every business present online might have come across the need for a landing page.

The basic goal of a landing page is to convert the visitor on the page to a lead or a customer by making the person click on the button or by filling a form. 

Now, what a good landing page requires? Just these basic things:

  • A Catchy Design
  • Crisp & Clear Headline
  • Important Details
  • Clear CTA (Call-to-Action)

Now the major issue comes when we talk about the design, the backend connection for lead storage, etc.

And if you are not a developer or designer yourself, you will find this task of designing the landing page as one of the time-consuming or high-priced thing.

But, but, but…..

What if I tell you that I have a solution for you?

What if I solve all your queries through a single solution?

Yes! you read it right!

As you have read the heading, so you know that I am referring Swipe Pages tool.

What's Inside:

  1. About Swipe Pages

  2. Overview – Swipe Pages Review

  3. Features

  4. Pricing of Swipe Pages

  5. Other Offers Available

  6. FAQs

swipe pages review

About Swipe Pages

Swipe Pages is a landing page creation tool optimized for any type of device. It allows you to create amazing, fast loading and AMP optimized landing pages that too without any prior knowledge of coding.

Overview - Swipe Pages Review

When we talk about any page or website on the internet, there’s a behaviour decision that claims that a user decides to move forward with a page in 10 seconds of his/her arrival on the page.

And if within these 10 seconds, say your page didn’t load properly, or it is taking more time to load then you could lose a potential customer who might be interested in your deal if the page would have appeared properly.

Now, for blogs, or any other normal page, it doesn’t take much time to load, or if it is taking, then also the user has a high chance to stay because some part of the content has already loaded and he/she can go through it, and by the time, the next content will get loaded.

But, when it comes to a landing page, you cannot let a high potential customer leave without taking the action.

That’s where Swipe Pages comes into the picture.

This amazing landing page tool provides amazing speed and help your page load faster. (They guarantee to load the landing page within 3 seconds.)

It offers its own cloud hosting storage to host landing pages. (That’s the plus point of Swipe Pages.)


Swipe Pages is not just limited to building landing pages. It offers a variety of features along with developing landing pages. 

Below are the amazing features of Swipe Pages:

1. AMP Accelerated Pages

The landing page tool offers AMP optimized pages, that provides fast loading of your landing pages on all devices. Other landing page tool doesn’t have the facility of AMP optimization. 

This is the most unique feature of Swipe Pages.

Features of AMP Optimized Pages are:

  • Better conversion rates
  • Fast loading
  • Trusted by Big Brands
  • Low Bounce Rates
  • Google loves it!! 🥳

2. Drag and Drop Builder

Swipe Pages allows you to create attractive and amazingly designed landing pages without coding.

It has 20+ available modules which are easily customizable and editable as per your requirement.

These modules are responsive, i.e., it adapts and changes its shape according to the screen display to give a better view and user experience.

3. Ready-made Templates

The amazing landing page tool offers amazing ready-made templates for your convenience. You just need to change the text as per your need, add required images, and hurray!!! your landing page is ready.

Swipe Pages has over 40+ templates that are conversion optimised. 

These 40+ templates are designed keeping in mind different types of niches and industries.

The templates comprise SaaS, Finance, Lead Generation, E-commerce, Travel, Health & Medical, etc., types of landing pages.

It also offers a blank page where you can design and customize the landing page according to your needs.

4. A/B Testing and Analytics

Swipe Pages has inbuilt testing methods where you can create different versions of the same landing page and test which version is performing better.

It also has inbuilt analytics that provides details like no. of visitors, total signups, conversion rates, etc. that will help you understand and calculate your ROI (Return on Investment).

Alongside, it also allows you to connect your landing page with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and many other tracking tools.

5. Integrations, Payments and More

This ultimate tool has made automation possible by allowing multiple apps integration (HubSpot, ConvertKit, MailChimp, etc.) and help you by adding your leads to any CRM you have.

With this, it also has Zapier integration facility that allows you to connect with multiple apps and make your leads send to different platforms using automation.

Swipe Pages also offers Stripe Payment Gateway integrations to collect payment through Stripe and serve your customers, without sending them again to different platforms for payment.

6. Add Your Team Accounts

Swipe Pages allows you to add accounts of your team member. This facility is very helpful when you are working as a team and you need to work on similar things.

The tool makers have understood the user issues and brought this idea of adding accounts and sub-accounts according to the role of the user. 

7. Add Your Custom Domain

Swipe Pages gives you access to publish the landing page on your own domain.

But it hosts the landing page on its own servers only, which provides:

  • Code Optimization and Caching
  • Hosting with SSL and CDN
  • Image Compression


This access to custom domain publishing is available only to paid customers.

Walk-through of the Tool

Type of Pages
A/B Testing

Pricing of Swipe Pages

This amazing landing page tool is available in 3 different requirements, namely, Startup, Marketer, and Agency.

Each plan is available on a Monthly and Yearly subscription basis where the Yearly subscription cost up to 40% less than the Monthly subscription.

The plan details:

Monthly Plans:

  • Starter Category: $39/Month
  • Marketer Category: $89/Month
  • Agency Category: $199/Month

Yearly Plans:(Charged Yearly)

  • Starter Category: $29/Month
  • Marketer Category: $59/Month
  • Agency Category: $119/Month

Offers Available for Swipe Pages


Frequently Asked Questions

The trial period is of 14 days. You will get access to all the features of Swipe Pages to try in the trial period. During or after the trial period, you can choose a suitable plan according to your needs, pay and continue using the feature.

Swipe Pages gives you features like A/B Testing & Dynamic Text which is not available in other landing page tools for AMP Pages.

Swipe Pages provide you high-speed page loading by combining advanced code & image compression with high performance cloud servers & CDN.

Other than this, they give you beautiful designed and purposeful templates to make better conversions.

Customization is also available in Swipe Pages to setup your pages for different screen sizes

Swipe Pages offers 40% discount on their annual plans.

Other than this, you can opt for AppSumo deal, that offers 1 Year of Swipe Pages Deal of $948 at just the cost of $299

NO. You can’t do that.

If you opt for free trial, then you can only choose from the plans available on the site of Swipe Pages.

*Not applicable for AppSumo deal