Lead Generation – Know How it Works

Lead Generation

Is lead generation a headache for you?

Are you finding how to generate leads for your business?

Are you not able to find the right customers for your business?

Don’t worry, I hope this article will help you out.

What's Inside:

  1. What are Leads?
  2. What are NOT Leads?
  3. Benefits of Having Your Own Platform
  4. Important Steps before starting Lead Generation
  5. Requirements in Lead Generation

What are Leads?

Leads are the most important factor to sell your product or service.

Leads are nothing, but the people who are willing to buy your product or service.

My mentor taught me, “Leads are the connecting link between you (your business) and your prospect who is out there in the real world“.

So, Leads are those customers who will buy your product only if you are able to convince them. (Well that’s true 😜)

Now, the next question that arises here is “What lead contains?”

It contains basic contact information about your prospect like:

  • Name
  • E-Mail Address
  • Phone Number

(Note: In some cases, the Name would not be present. While in some cases, either the E-Mail Address or the Phone Number will be there.)

Many don’t know how these leads can be useful to them.

I will share a simple example with you that happens often with both of us :

You might be getting calls either from the bank for buying a credit card, or some company calling you for taking a loan.

Or you might be getting Mail or SMS for a personal loan and that too with your name.

So, how are they getting your details?

Exactly, you got me. You are one of the leads for them.

(Note: They might have used the wrong ways to get your information. But we are not focusing on the ways right now. We are just discussing the basics.)

So, if you are selling a car, you need leads for that.

If you are selling some services, you need leads for that.

If you want to do a sales call, you need leads for that.

Every business running out in the World needs leads to run themselves and make profits.

What are NOT Leads?

The reason due to which I am mentioning this particular topic is to clear your mindset on leads.

So, if you are gaining followers or have a huge amount of followers on any social media, and you are counting them as people who can buy your product or service, i.e. you are counting them as your leads, then my friend, you are wrong.

The platform that you are using (social media platform) is not owned by you. So, any content you share there will not reach all your followers (not even 1/5th of the followers), because like you there are many more who are there, sharing their content.

So, your

  • Instagram Followers
  • Twitter Followers
  • LinkedIn Followers ….. etc.

are not your leads. They are just people whom you can entertain and they may somewhere in a while will get engage with your content and learn about what you want to say.

So, you might be having a question that can these followers be used in some way?

Well Yes!!! You can use them.

But before this, I want to give you the knowledge that where you can have complete control of your people (leads) so that you can have 100% access to them whenever needed.

So, the place where you can get complete control is Your Own Platform.

Where is that????🙄

You have to build that.

Today, you are reading this article, on my website, which means I have complete control of you (and all others who are reading this or any other blog on my site).

That also means that I have built this site.

Now, you might also be on my e-mail list. I might have shared a link to this article. You clicked on it and landed here, reading this.

That e-mail list is again a platform I have built to maintain and share values with you and many others.

Benefits of Having Your Own Platform

  • You have control over your people.
  • You can access them and share your content anytime.
  • Chances of responding/engagement are much higher than those on Social Media.

Now, I had told that you can use your followers on Social Media. Remember? I hope you did.

So, here’s a tip for you:

You can make these followers your leads by bringing them to your platform and ask them to subscribe to you (and against this, you can provide a useful resource to the person).

Well, this is no more a tip nowadays, every lead generator does the same thing.😅

But, this technique can help you gain genuine leads faster.

Important Steps before starting Lead Generation

Lead Generation is quite an easy task. But before you start to collect leads, you should know few important things:

  • What are you selling:

You should know your product or service very well before you present it in front of your customer. You should be able to clear all the doubts of the customer regarding your product or service.

  • Whom are you selling:

You should know your customer before selling him/her your product or service. You are doing wrong if you are selling your product or service to every individual out there. Your customer is the one who might be willing or is interested in the thing you are selling.

  • Why are you selling:

Before bringing any product or service to the market, you should know whether there is a demand for it or not. Without the requirement, you can’t sell things.

Requirement creates demand, and demand creates the product

Requirements in Lead Generation

The basic requirements you need to generate leads are :

  • Landing Page: A Landing Page is a Call-To-Action Page where you provide details about a product or service and at the end, ask the user to fill the form, where you collect the user’s contact information to give offers regarding the product or service.
  • E-Mail Marketing Tool: This tool will help you to store all your leads and help you send emails or keep track of all the analytics between you and the user.
  • Integration Tool: This tool will be used as a connection tool between your Landing Page and E-Mail Marketing Tool to transfer leads between both.

Landing Page > Data Entered > Integration Tool Captures the Data > Sent to E-Mail Marketing Tool

This shows, how Lead Generation is done. Lead Generation for different sectors is done in different ways. There are various factors that are required to know how and in what sense Lead Generation is required for the required category.

So, have you understood the concept of Lead Generation?

Would you like to know Lead Generation in detail?

Let me know in the comments below.