Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) – A Transformation Journey


Is Digital Deepak’s Internship worth doing?

Where to do Digital Marketing Internship? 

Is DDIP a good internship to start with?

Hii there!!!!

I am Husain Bohra, the Admin of this blog. I started this blog during the internship program of DD (Digital Deepak).

But why I am mentioning this to you?

You are here and reading this just because either you want to learn Digital Marketing, but you are not sure where to start from, or you must have heard about DDIP (Digital Deepak Internship Program), but you are not sure that whether the program has the capability to teach you and make you a good Digital Marketer.

So, I want to solve your doubts here.

Let’s begin from start.

What's Inside:

  1. My Journey before DDIP
  2. Start of the Journey
  3. What is DDIP
  4. Ongoing Journey in DDIP
  5. Major Point of DDIP You Should Know
  6. My Words for anyone looking for this Internship
  7. Reviews of Other Interns
  8. Conclusion

My Journey before DDIP

My last semester of Engineering was going on, and I had no idea what to do after engineering. I have always found myself as a content creator as I love to write and also as a Business Coach, who can mentor and guide others in their businesses for growth. But I had no idea how to make my passion work for me, or in simple terms, how can I earn for writing.


Well, before my engineering was going to end, I was placed in a company that assured me a good salary. But, I was not so satisfied with what I was going to get.

Then came COVID-19. And that changed many decisions of my life.

The company, where I was placed, kept my joining on hold. My final semester exams were being postponed due to lockdown.

And like many others, I was also stuck on what to do next.

Start of the Journey

While searching for kinds of stuff on the Internet, I came towards a post named “The Power of Content Marketing“. I read this post and was so overwhelmed with it, that I started following Digital Deepak.

And from seeing his daily post, articles, etc., I started gaining knowledge that how can I follow my passion for writing and coaching. But for that, I wanted to learn Digital Marketing.

And I started finding out how can I get a mentorship in Digital Marketing. And one fine day, I got a mail from Digital Deepak, that they have an Internship Program that would teach me Digital Marketing in a proper way.

Without any second thought, I filled the registration form and was now waiting for the confirmation.

After some days, I got the confirmation and we had a webinar where everything was instructed, about payments, deposits, and all the terms and conditions that were required.

What is DDIP?

The Internship program works in the following way:

Ongoing Journey in DDIP

I am in the 7th Week of the Digital Deepak Internship at the moment of writing the article.

And in these 7 weeks, I have seen a transformation in me.

It has changed my perspective of looking and understanding things.

This internship was started with the “Sucess Mindset” vision. I was made to encourage myself and think beyond the line.

Every day, moving forward with this internship, I find a new version of myself being build up.

Major Points of DDIP You Should Know

  • Developing You and Your Mindset:

Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) is not only a Digital Marketing Internship but a transformation program as a whole. From the start of the Internship, it is made clear that this will be a life-changing program for you. And believe me, it works the same way. What you learn here and apply while doing assignments, will transform you and your thoughts daily and will change you whole as a person.


  • Developing Digital Marketing Knowledge and Skills:

When you start learning Digital Marketing in the program, it makes you acquire complete understanding of the concepts and also makes you apply it by the means of an assignment. And that helps you build a complete skill in terms of Digital Marketing.


  • Support from Your Tribe:

A tribe is made where all the interns of a particular batch can interact with each other and with this, they can solve their issues regarding the internship assignments.


  • DDIP’s Team Support:

Any problem at any point in the internship program will surely be solved if you contact the mentor or any person from the support and that too by keeping your queries in the priority list.


My Words for anyone looking for this Internship

“Nothing will be yours if you just wait for the right time to come”.

This internship made me learn that if you know things then you can find a way to grow. But for this, you should know. Being in the internship for the last 7 weeks, I have learned so many concepts and even cleared many concepts regarding Digital Marketing and also about how to understand and look at things. I have said it before in the article, and I am saying it again,

“Digital Deepak Internship Program is not just a Digital Marketing Internship. It’s a life transformation program. Those who have joined the program knows its importance very well.”

People who have completed this internship have reached great heights, while some are on their way to great heights.

I don’t feel that any person after completing this internship would fail in his life.

Never!!!! Never!!!

Reviews of Other Interns

Like me, many others have joined the internship and you can read below what they have to say about the program:

“I have gained a lot of confidence after going through few weeks into this program & I would recommend this to anyone who is eager to learn Digital Marketing.” – Karthik Oruganti

“I found no reason why I shouldn’t join the Digital Deepak Internship Program and so should the case be with You! I recommend this program only to those who are action takers and want to achieve more by practically trying things out.” – Mridul Maheshwari

“It is not just about learning a topic but it is an overall development of an individual. Changing your entire mindset from “Can I” to “I Can”.” – Bhavesh Suresh Jain

Basically, there is no reason for anyone to say no to this internship if he/she is interested in learning Digital Marketing.



So, with this, I just want to tell you that if you are looking for an internship in Digital Marketing, then DDIP is the best one available.

What I am today, is because of Deepak Sir, his values, and his mentorship. I have gone into the transformation and still getting transformed.

It’s like a new birth of mine after I have enrolled and started this internship.

If you wish to join the Internship Program, this is the link to fill the registration form(The Registration is free of cost.)

Remember, it’s technically free and it is not just an internship but a transformation program.