MAN #09: CRM vs Marketing Automation

Do you also get confused between CRM and Marketing Automation? 🤔 Well, I also used to get confused. And that’s why, in this email, I want to clarify the difference and similarities between CRM and Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation is the process of bringing new prospects or potential audiences inside your system to make them […]

MAN #08: Automate your Facebook Ads

So, want to learn how to automate your Facebook Ads? Let me tell you then! Tighten your seat belts, As we are ready to fly into the world of automation 🚀🚀 So, Facebook Ads give you the re-targeting option, right? You have to learn to use it wisely. Re-targeting is done to basically connect with […]

MAN #07: Incredible way to increase the chance of purchase

Ever thought that Google and Facebook can work together to give you a great experience in marketing? 🤯🤯 Amazingly, it is possible. I’ll tell you how! But before that… Do you know the power of building an email list? I am not talking about buying email lists. I am on the note of building it […]

MAN #06: Accumulating your audience every time you act

Imagine, you just posted on social media and got huge engagements within 1 hour. 🤩🤩 What an amazing reach you will get!!! Has this ever happened to you? Might be a few times… But what if I say, that this can happen every time with you? 🧐🧐 Wanna know how? Marketing Automation 😉 Well, both […]

MAN #05: Solving common problems using Marketing Automation

What’s that vital metric you think is crucial in Marketing? 🤔 On daily basis, you get ahead and develop, analyze, perform and diagnose many marketing-related issue. But which metric do you want to achieve by applying these tasks? I’ll tell you! It’s the conversion. Conversion is that important point for which the whole marketing activities […]

MAN #04: Personalization with Marketing Automation

What if you talk with your father like your friend?😅 Well, you won’t be able to speak the next moment you realize your father is angry.😂 OK. Can you similarly talk with your family as you talk with your best friend? You will see your family’s eyes bigger and full of anger, right?😁😁 The thing […]

MAN #03: Email Marketing Automation & the Power it Generates

If you are into the Digital Marketing space, you have definitely heard of Email Marketing. And c’mon, we are all receiving such marketing email almost daily in our mail box. So, I am not going to discuss on what Email Marketing is, or how it works. That you will get everywhere on the Internet. But, […]

MAN#02: Is Marketing Automation needed?

From the title, you know what I am going to talk here. We, as humans, are bound to do productive. Without which, none of us can grow, develop and set our expectations. And to be productive, you need to finish your daily tasks as soon as possible in order to give time to the new […]

MAN#01: The world is getting automatic, so why shouldn’t we?

Why Automation

How many things you see around today are automatic? Well, most of them, right? ​ From your TV to your CAR, From your Mobile to Your Machines!! ​ And as we see the world is turning toward automation, why shouldn’t we, as marketers, should turn our businesses and tasks on Automation? And that is what […]